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Typical Challenges

Multiple interactions with customers leading to long time for sales closure

Inconsistent sales process leading to high manual work

Higher time and cost for agent learning

High application NIGO rate

Inability to meet evolving business and distribution demands

High turnaround time for policy issuance due to fragmented sales process

Key Business Benefits

20-50% Improvement in Sales Conversions

80-90% Elimination in Mis-selling can be achieved

30-60% Saving in time to market for launching new products

50-70% Straight Through Processing (STP) can be achieved

50-70% Successful future proofing on transformation initiatives

Key Business Drivers

Increased face time with customer

Quick Sales closure with proper controls

Improved distributor productivity

Consultative selling to improve customer experience

Availability across platforms to promote BYOD concept

Reduced time to launch new products

Quick adaptation to evolving business needs

Key Differentiators

Higher configurability, for faster time to market

Unified solution for diverse OS, single code for iOS, Android, Windows

Maximum offline capability, unique rule capability that works even in offline

Field underwriting in offline mode with ability to generate counter offer, for quick sales closure

Configurable Reflexive questionnaire for capture of context sensitive data

Business users can configure products, underwriting rules etc. which aids in reducing dependence on IT and vendor

Case Study - 1


A leading European Insurer in Indonesia decided to adopt the SymbioSys Sales Tool to spearhead its’ Digital journey. As part of its’ Digital strategy the insurer looked at not only leveraging technology but also introduced innovation in processes to maximize the adoption of our technological solutions.


  • Laptop based illustration and paper based submission sent to scanning centers
  • Long New business turnaround time from submission until Policy printing
  • Manual New Business on boarding process
  • Manual Leads management system


  • Instant Sales activity tracking and leads management
  • Tablet quotation, online and offline
  • Tablet financial needs analysis
  • Instant submission and premium payment capture via payment gateway
  • Digital sales aids / product brochures


  • SymbioSys Sales Tool with Leads, Digital Collateral, e-FNA, flexible offline quotation generation
  • Powerful Product Configurator for launching products in market quickly
  • Easy configurability of Risk Profiling Questionnaires assisting in Jet UW
  • Easy Integration with Core PAS enabling instant e-submission by agents


  • New business Unit cost reduction by 60%
  • Reduction inTAT for NB from Proposal to policy printing by 55%
  • Reduction in Product development costs& time to launch new products by more than 50%


  • 78% adoption for all distribution channels within 5 months after implementation
  • 40% of the policies submitted via SymbioSys Sales Tool issued in the same day


  • Comprehensive Business Solution to handle New Business process efficiently & quickly
  • Support in adopting new distribution channels
  • Integration to core system, agency portal, payment gateway

Reduction in NB unit cost


Adoption within 5 months


Policies issued on same day


Reduction in NB TAT

Case Study - 2


A fast-growing local Indonesian Insurer with over 12,500 agents and more than 100 sales offices spread widely throughout Indonesia chose C2L BIZ for streamlining its’ New Business process. After implementing C2L BIZ solution, the insurer’s growth has recently positioned it into Indonesia’s Top 10 insurers. In fact, this insurer is known as the second-largest life insurance company in terms of producing agents who meet the standards of the Million Dollar Round Table (an international organization representing the best individuals in the financial services industry, especially in life insurance).


  • Manual and long e-App processing (hardcopies of Quotation, Supporting documents and e-App)
  • Manual underwriting process
  • Short production period due to the long operational TAT


  • Automate and streamline under-writing processing
  • Faster time to launch new products
  • Integrated sales process for agents – for demonstrating illustrations, finalize quote and e-submission, etc.


  • Multiplatform (Android, iOS, Windows) SymbioSys sales tool with offline capability enabling agents to prepare quotation, capture data & RPQ at Point of Sale and submit electronically
  • Expert Underwriting engine to automate UW process. Clean case can be approved instantly
  • Paperless solution: e-signature, document capture by camera


  • Operational TAT (NB & UW)
  • Printing costs
  • Time to Launch new products
  • Data Errors


  • Faster operational TAT in processing
  • Longer closing period in each month-more policies being processed in a month
  • STP Rate


  • Comprehensive Solution with Expert UW rules to handle NB process efficiently
  • Support in adopting new distribution channels & products
  • Integration to core system, agency portal, payment gateway

Products Implemented


Applications submitted


Improved STP Rate


Reduction in launching New Products