About Us

C2L BIZ, is an Insurance Industry focused leading SaaS Cloud- InsurTech, having range of innovative and state of the art solution offerings. C2L BIZ’s SymbioSys SaaS Suite of offerings, complements Insurers existing investments in core systems and aids their digital journey to the rapidly emerging ecosystem. C2L BIZ has successfully transformed digitally over 40 Insurance carriers across its 100+ engagements. While its Insurance customers includes 9 of the Global Top 30 Insurers, said successful engagements span across 12 countries within Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

Conceptualization in November 2007


Commenced operation in April 2008

Started design and development of SymbioSys Technology Solution Accelerator (TSA) a unique technology platform for the insurance industry.

1st client a Health Insurer


Singapore entity started

Launched MicroSys for microinsurance business

Added 4 new clients


Sankalp Award

Launched SymbioSys New Business

Hong Kong and US entities started

Added 5 new clients


Launched SymbioSys Underwriting Engine

Launched SymbioSys Operational Data Store (ODS)

Start of multi-component engagement of SymbioSys Suite for a Health Insurer in India

Malaysia and Pune (India) offices started

Employee count was 32 then


Launched SymbioSys Distribution Management (DMS)

Successful Go-live of the first client of SymbioSys DMS in India

Successful Go-live of the first client of MicroSys in Hong Kong

Added 3 new clients


Launch of SymbioSys Sales Tool

Successful Go-live of the first client of SymbioSys Sales Tool in India and Thailand

Commencement of multi-country, multi-solution engagement across Asia with Regional Insurer

Awarded XCelent Technology Award for SymbioSys Distribution Management System (DMS)

Added 6 new clients


Successful Go-live of first client in Philippines for multiple solutions

Start of multi-component engagement of SymbioSys Suite for a global Health Insurer in India

Successful Go-live of the first client in Indonesia for multiple solutions

Commencement of multi-country engagement across Asia with North American Insurance major

Launch of SymbioSys Claims

Employee count was 67

Added 4 new clients.


Successful Go-live of first client in Malaysia.

Launch of SymbioSys Portals

Start of additional multi-component engagement of SymbioSys Suite for a Global Health Insurer in India.

Employee count was 121

Added 5 new clients.


Successful Go-live of first client in Vietnam

Launch of major revamp of SymbioSys Sales Tool and SymbioSys New Business

Successful Go-live of the first client in Japan

Implemented SymbioSys Sales Tool for 2 more Insurers in Indonesia

Added 4 new clients.


Launch of major revamp of SymbioSys DMS new version

Commencement of SymbioSys DMS implementation in Egypt

Start of multi-solution implementation for Insurer in Malaysia

262 Employees & 38 Clients


Successful Go-live of first DMS client in Thailand.

Successful implementation of first Non-life implementation of SymbioSys DMS

Secured multi-solution deal for leading Insurer in India

Launch of new UI with version 6.0 of SymbioSys Sales Tool with cloud readiness

Launched SymbioSys Underwriting Workbench with new features

Added 4 new clients.


Launch of major revamp of SymbioSys DMS version 5.0

Successful implementation of Sales Tool for Insurers in Malaysia and Vietnam

292 Employees & 39 Clients


Re-architecture of SymbioSys suite into Cloud native API enabled micro-services

Commencement of first SaaS DMS implementation in Malaysia

Launched SymbioSys Sales Tool and SymbioSys DMS on cloud Native Microservices Architecture with new age UI

Secured 5 DMS deals in Asia

Launched 16 microservices on AWS and Azure marketplace

Commencement of SymbioSys Claims on new Cloud-native Microservices Architecture

A health insurer completely migrated on SymbioSys Retail Health PAS in India

Added 5 new clients.


Commencement of SymbioSys Claims on cloud native microservices architecture

Launched a new version of SymbioSys Distributor Portal

Secured deal for SymbioSys Sales Tool on AWS for leading European Insurer

Successful implementation of DMS implementation on SaaS

322 Employees

Added 2 new clients to date


C2L: Concept to Live – Idea Behind The Name

Concept to Live was born out of the deep understanding of the challenges insurers faced in bringing new innovative concepts to reality. It is well understood that many concepts fail in most IT executions of the projects due to typical execution issues. In Insurance, the issue was compounded esp. due to its contractual needs and more so in life insurance due to its unique long-term (multi-year) business administration. Moreover, the challenges are compounded due to heavy regulations that the industry. In the new age digital context while the said challenges do not vanish, but are further compounded with the higher business ecosystem dynamism and advent of many new-age digital players.

C2L BIZ has focussed on marrying its experience and track record to help insurers minimize the challenges and the same is evident across all its IP’s and implementation track records. All its IP’s have the single most consistent common thread i.e. to help insurers reduce the time to market for all its product and distribution needs. This is achieved not only in the core transformations but also on reduced ongoing time to market. With a single minded focus for low code-no code design it has achieved some of the best benchmarks and reduced the vendor & IT dependency across all areas of sales, distribution, claims, underwriting and is continuously leveraging the new age technologies for the same. It has automated most business decisions with new-age intelligence either using rules-based or AI based on data analytics to help insurers improve themselves much rapidly for the emerging global needs.

Insurers now are also grappling with adaptation to new age business models as their legacy system and conventional architectures are not suitable for the new age needs. To minimize failures and help insurers adapt to said concepts more reliably C2L BIZ brings in its most advanced microservices architecture based services on SaaS models thus minimizing the adoption time with minimal upfront investments in pay-as-you-go models.

Thus living true to its unique positioning as an end to end insurance distribution expert with complete ownership from ‘Concept to Live’.