Our Belief

Our culture rests upon a set of core values that guides our actions. C2L BIZ believes in and promotes certain behavioural traits, which it considers as 'core' to its existence in the market. We are open to ideas and innovation; our agile team focus on customer-centric solutions in an environment made for learning and growth.

Our Values

1. Leadership

C2L BIZ was formed with a vision of establishing itself as a ‘Leader’ in its chosen solution space. In the years gone by C2L BIZ’s SymbioSys Sales Tool has clearly established itself as a market leader in terms of number of active installations in the Asia market.

2. Excellence

C2L BIZ takes pride in the fact that it has more than 98% track record of successful implementation of its products. It also takes pride in the fact that nearly 100% of its implemented products continue to operate at its customer site even after a decade of existence.

This is possible only due to emphasis on excellence in all its implementation. C2L BIZ has strived to ensure that the customer gets highest level of technical and functional fulfilment of its requirements during the implementation and subsequent maintenance.

With continuous innovation in its products features C2L BIZ has ensured that its SymbioSys suite of products have remained many steps ahead of the competition in all these years. In any sales evaluation, C2L BIZ’s SymbioSys suite has always emerged as amongst the best in terms of its product offerings.

3. Integrity

C2L BIZ management believes in very high level of integrity. Whether dealing with the external world of customers, suppliers, governments; or dealing with internal set of employees and consultants, the management has scrupulously ensured that it has met all its stated commitments without any compromise. C2L BIZ management has always honored even a spoken word, sometimes erring on the side caution, simply to avoid any misinterpretation of its judgment.

C2L BIZ also expects a similar degree of integrity from all its employees and consultants in their dealings with the external parties or internal stake holders.

4. Trust

As a default C2L BIZ trusts that all its customers, vendors, employees and consultants will behave in a fair manner. C2L BIZ never doubts the core intentions of all these stakeholders when dealing with it. Since the fundamental foundation of interaction is mutual trust, dealing of C2L BIZ with its stakeholders is focused on creating maximum value for the stakeholder.

5. Empowerment

C2L BIZ management wants more and more leaders to emerge from its team. The management believes in giving complete freedom to its employees in their day to day operations. C2L BIZ management would like to see more and more of its internal managers take the ownership of their deliverables and operate with minimum supervision / interference.

6. Team Work

Success of an organization is not an individual heroic effort. Organisation of this nature as C2L BIZ can not provide consistent results with just one or two brilliant individuals. It is only the teams that can succeed in achieving leadership position in a market place. It is combined efforts of sales, pre-sales, product architecture, functional and technical execution of the delivery team that has allowed us to reach this position in the market.