SymbioSys eApplication is a powerful service that enables the insurer to easily configure and customize e-Application form. It supports single/joint/multiple lives with validations driven by the product configurator. It comes with a configurable process flow and a configurable reflexive questionnaire for capturing health and lifestyle details. The service also enhances the customer and distributor experience thru remote customer collaboration, document capture and auto-validation, eSignature while maintaining the physical distancing using their own devices.

It uniquely addresses the Application needs of all Life, Annuity, Pension and Health Insurance carriers, along with necessary regulatory compliance. Over 3 million applications captured for 24 customers across 9 countries. SymbioSys eApplication has handled a peak volume of over 50,000 applications in a month with over 300 concurrent users.


On Premise

On Cloud

Functional Overview Diagram

Business Challenges

  • Availability of application capture on diverse platforms
  • Ability to capture application in connected and disconnected mode
  • Ease of payment integration to collect first premium
  • Automated display and validation of documents at source
  • Ease of partner branding and integration

Business Drivers

  • Ease of capturing application and documents at source
  • Data and document validation at source for jet issuance
  • Quick policy issuance and reduction in new business acquisition cost
  • Ease of remote customer collaboration for application review and signature capture
  • Timely adherence of regulatory compliance


  • Ease of configuring and customizing data capture to meet specific needs of an Insurer
  • Multilevel reflexive questionnaire to capture medical and lifestyle details
  • Support for joint-life, multi lives with validations driven by product configurator
  • Operates in connected and disconnect mode
  • Ability to show and capture documents based on the applications context
  • OCR integration to validate data on the captured documents
  • Single page eApp view for ease of review of captured data

Business Benefits

  • Quick sales closure
  • Significant reduction in time for policy issuance and new business acquisition cost
  • Improved customer collaboration
  • Improved distributor and customer experience
  • Ease of extending application capture to distribution partner.

Case Study

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