SymbioSys Product Configurator enables Insurers to quickly configure Life, Annuity, Pension, and Health products with an ability to integrate their front-end tool. It provides flexibility for Insurers or IT solution providers to develop the front-end mobile app or web solution powered with proven Product Configurator to enjoy the best of both worlds. Said service comes with ready-to-use API’s and SDK’s for computing premium/sum assured, generating illustrations, validating the captured data, providing the UI behaviour etc.

SymbioSys Product configurator has configured over 500 base plans and 1000+ riders so far and caters to the need of global insurance markets.


On Premise

On Cloud

Functional Overview Diagram

Business Challenges

  • Ability to create target segment specific variations within same product
  • Ability to have 2 versions of product available for selling, in parallel
  • Ease of integrating product engine with home grown digital apps
  • Customer engagement tools for mapping life events for informed decision making

Business Drivers

  • Ability to launch innovative products in short time
  • Support for calculating premium for Standard and risk-based loading
  • Availability across diverse digital platforms in connected and disconnected mode

Key Features

  • Unified Product Configurator with availability across diverse digital platforms
  • Ready integration layer with API’s (Online) and SDK’s (for offline iOS and Android apps)intuitive UI’s, intelligent validations at source
  • Create innovative sales offerings within same product with unique packaging options
  • Ease of configuring Riders along with Plan-Rider association rules
  • Ability to configure products for Joint life, Supplementary life, multi-lives etc.

Business Benefits

  • Short time to launch innovative products
  • Ease of creating product variations for specific partners or customer segment
  • Ease of integration with any front-end tool on diverse platforms
  • Availability in connected and disconnected mode

Case Study

Excellence is not attained in a day! Our teams have worked beyond expectations to attain in-depth knowledge and offer customized solutions to our clients and partners. We carefully analyse our reach and every strategy to stay true to the time.

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