About Partner

Wipro’s Insurance Digital Operations and Platforms Practice assist our clients bring agility and flexibility within their operating model, respond better to business challenges and enhance customer experience.

Our solutions are based on combining our expertise in insurance business, digital technology and process excellence which enables global insurers to reimagine and redesign their business processes and leverage on benefits through simplification, automation, intelligence and experience.

We leverage our deep knowledge of the insurance industry, and its unique customer journeys which enables us to design digital roadmap for our clients. We do not look at transformation levers in siloes but believe in exploring the “Art of possible” for each process and integrate that in our solution approach.

C2L BIZ – Wipro Partnership

C2L BIZ and Wipro are collaborating on SymbioSys suite of solutions for the global insurance market thereby accelerating the digital transformation journey of the insurers.

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