Life & Health in Digital Era

The global life insurance industry has weathered onslaughts from multiple fronts – a global pandemic, persistently low interest rates, regulatory changes, and changing customer expectations. Health has become a big thrust of the life sector too even before the Covid pandemic broke all boundaries.

The latest thrust stemming from the rise of online players in the life market is set to transform the industry across Asia. To what extent will digital insurers disrupt the industry? Can insurers reverse this trend of low growth while dealing with new challenges like climate change-related risks? How has COVID-19 changed the life insurance industry? How has health changed the life industry? Amidst all these digital inroads, do agents and advisers provide a solid lifeline?

We thank you, Asia Insurance Review – for inviting Mr. Mangesh Vaitla, C2L BIZ Solutions Pvt Ltd for speaking at Virtual Asia Life Insurance Summit 2021.

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