SymbioSys Sales Illustration-as-a-Service

SymbioSys Sales Illustration-as-a-Service enables sales force to generate complex and interactive new business Sales Illustration for their prospects, even in an offline mode using mobile devices. It is a one stop service that supports Sales Illustration for Life, Annuity, Pensions, Health products, in multiple languages and currencies. The agent can engage with prospect either in-person or with physical distancing, thru customer collaboration

SymbioSys Sales Illustration-as-a-Service has generated over 15 million sales illustrations across 9 countries, for over 500 plans and 1000+ riders, configured thru highly configurable product configurator designed on the philosophy of no code

SymbioSys Sales Illustration-as-a-Service is designed for the global insurance distribution needs and is proven with unique capabilities like:

+ Offers a true omnichannel experience to its distribution channels by enabling them to complete the process using multiple devices
+ Reduced time to market with flexible product configurator and illustration modeler
+ Solvers enhance the sales objection handling capabilities thus enhancing the sales effectiveness and customer engagement to choose the right product with right coverage’s to map life events
+ Ability to generate an attractive Sales Illustration with interactive graphs and package illustration output in multiple languages in PDF format
+ Easy to seek approval from the customers thru an eSignature and quickly integrate with e-Application solution
+ Engage with customers by reusing past quotes and illustrations to generate more options for better customer choice


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Business Challenges

Long time to market to launch complex Products
Availability of tool on diverse platforms
Ability to meet demands of distribution partners in short time
Timely adherence of regulatory compliance

Service Benefits

Short time to launch innovative products
Ease of creating product variations for specific partners or customer segment
Ease of integration with any front-end tool on diverse platforms
Availability in connected and disconnected mode

Business Drivers

Quick launch of new Products with variations for different channels / partners
Ability to generate Sales Illustrations on a Mobile device in a disconnected mode
Ease of partner branding and integration
Tools to engage with customer for consultative and collaborative selling

Key Features

Unified Product Configurator with availability across diverse digital platforms with ease of integration
Ease of packaging various sales offerings within same product
Ease of configuring Riders along with Plan-Rider association rules
Ability to configure products for Joint life, Supplementary life, multi-lives etc.
Availability of solvers for engaging customers for informed decision making
Wind back and wind forward commission


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