C2L BIZ Solutions successfully implemented the Digital Point of Sales platform, SymbioSys Sales Tool in Vietnam for a leading global Insurer, to empower its distributors to manage the sale process digitally and conclude sale, preferably in a single interaction.

The insurer did an extensive evaluation to identify a solution that will help them digitalize the end-to-end sales process, support diverse distribution channels, work in connected and disconnected mode, enable innovative and timely product launch while meeting the unique needs of different countries in the region.

Being awarded the Best Life insurance Solution Company in Vietnam for 3 consecutive years, pioneer and market leader in Retirement insurance, the said Insurer wanted to transform and digitalize its sales process to improve consistency, efficiency and enhance customer and distributor experience.

The SymbioSys Sales Tool will enable Insurer in quick sales closure, reduce new business acquisition costs, expand reach in untapped parts of Vietnam, launch innovative products targeted at specific customer segments, or distribution partners.

“We measure the success of every implementation by measurable business outcomes that our customers derive from the implementation such as improved STP rate, reduced time to launch a new product, quick sales closure, etc. This implementation will help our customer become more efficient and differentiated in their Sales efforts” commented Vikas Keni, Co-founder, Chief Delivery and Operations Officer

C2L BIZ, an Insurtech company, with state-of-the-art products focused on Digital Sales, Distribution Compensation Management, Underwriting, and Claims Management. Combining domain expertise and focus on business outcomes, we have transformed Sales and Distribution operations of over 40 Insurers across 12 countries, powered by highly configurable, low code SymbioSys product suite.  With over a decade of driving innovation, Insurance companies trust C2L BIZ to deliver technologically advanced solutions to improve competitiveness, customer, and distributor experience.

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