The InsurTech ecosystem in India is emerging rapidly with innovations and a fast-growing insurance sector. India Insurtech Association is a wonderful initiative to bring together all the stakeholders and innovators for knowledge sharing and shared learning.

In this video podcast with India Insurtech Association, you’ll hear from Mr. Mangesh Vaitla – Co-Founder & Executive Director of C2L BIZ – about insurance distribution, insurance transformation, and some very important questions.

  1. How ‘buy’ approach is better than the ‘build’ approach for insurers?
  2. How micro-services are a must today?
  3. How insurers can reduce the time and cost of launching a new scheme?

C2L BIZ is one of the leading SaaS Cloud- InsurTech, providing a wide range of innovative solutions meant for facilitating the digital journey of insurers. C2L BIZ has provided InsurTech solutions to 9 of the Global Top 30 Insurers, across 12 countries within Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

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