In order to change the perception of the industry, FWD Life Insurance has worked to change the way that customers feel when they interact with Umali reveals. “Technology played second fiddle, the primary change was in the people. In order for you to change the way people feel about insurance you must change the way people feel about IT. You must find and include people who feel strongly about creating solutions for people.” Having hired employees to focus on the problem, not the solution, FWD Insurance then looked at technology. “C2L BIZ has been a strategic partner for our digital transformation initiatives”. Their one of the flagship mobility solution “SymbioSys Sales Tool” that allowed our sales team to sell our insurance products using tablets. This paper less process allows the customer to digitally sign an application form and view sales quotations on the devices. Digital images of the documents are processed by the new business and underwriting teams of FWD using C2L BIZ’s “SymbioSys New Business” and “SymbioSys Underwriting” solutions. Agents hierarchy, performance and compensation are also monitored with “SymbioSys Distribution Management” using flagship solution of C2L BIZ.