Indian insurers have been subject to several regulatory changes in the recent past. A case in point is IRDAI’s Expenses of Management (EoM) regulations, which mandate a comprehensive recalibration of insurers’ distribution and operational tracking strategies.

Distribution performance and compensation management emerge as top priorities in the EoM regime. Operational tracking and EoM compliance preparedness will also require attention.

Strategies required by
Indian insurers in EoM Era

End-to-end distribution

Holistically ensure end-to-end distribution cost visibility and management for CXOs

Retain and recruit

Retain and recruit top performers using differentiated compensation models and services

Performance parameters

Ensure new qualitative and quantitative performance parameters to evaluate commissions

Learning and Refinement

Learn from past compensations and simulate refinements before launch of new R&Rs, Incentives, Salary (linked to targets), or unique insurer-specific models

Track and audit

Track and audit key compliance mandates for policies signed by the Board

Seamless and sustainable distribution transformation

Insurance carriers can bank on C2L BIZ to drive EoM related distribution transformation. Navigate the EoM regime’s intricacies with C2L BIZ’s proven insurance industry expertise and extensive solution suite.

C2L BIZ empowers distribution operations teams to operate seamlessly. Our decades of experience in working closely with global insurers guarantees that every C2L BIZ client’s business stays ahead—irrespective of regulatory compliance changes or emerging market needs.


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