About Partner

Founded in 2004, Tecnologia Única initially focused on analytical solutions aimed at customer service in the insurance market. Today, in addition to its vast experience in the insurance and industrial market, Tecnologia Única also provides diverse services in the loyalty space.

Tecnologia Única’s offerings range from retail to agribusiness, which includes platforms for:

  1. Cross-industry e-commerce;
  2. Technology services such as integration, process automation, construction of specialized systems.

Innovation is one of Tecnologia Única’s main pillars, and the Company has an environment for incubating startups. With a team of more than 250 people and revenue of around US$10 million, most of the solutions are sold in SaaS mode. Tecnologia Única also has extensive expertise in cloud solutions using Microsoft and AWS technologies.

The C2L BIZ - Tecnologia Única partnership

C2L BIZ and Tecnologia Única’s dynamic partnership translates to a single-stop Digital Distribution Transformation expert for Brazil’s insurers. It brings together a rich portfolio of advisory capabilities, strategies, solutions, services, and training that accelerates sustainable revenue growth for insurers in the region.

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