New Jersey – 25th of January 2024 – Insurtech leader C2L BIZ Solutions (C2L BIZ) has signed a strategic partnership with veteran insurance distribution consultancy Global Performance Solutions Group/Cuevas Company S.A. (GPSG/CCSA) to deliver Digital Distribution Transformation solutions for insurers. The North American, Latin American, Asian, Caribbean, and European insurance markets form the key focus areas of this agreement. It combines C2L BIZ’s and GPSG/CCSA’s core competencies to enable 360-degree Digital Distribution Transformation of insurance carriers.

Globally, insurers are dealing with unique socioeconomic, financial, consumer preference, and regulatory challenges. Insurance companies must constantly innovate on fronts like distributor management, product mix, and customer experiences for consistent business growth. End-to-end Digital Distribution Transformation is imperative to thrive in these dynamic markets. The combined synergies of C2L BIZ and GPSG/CCSA address this need of insurers and distributors in these geographies.

With customer implementations spread across 12 countries, global Insurtech player C2L BIZ has successful relationships with over 40 leading insurance carriers. Backed by a client rolodex that includes nine out of Global Top 30 Insurers, C2L BIZ is an undisputed leader in the Digital Distribution Transformation space.

C2L BIZ offers a full spectrum of future-ready SaaS Cloud Insurtech solutions. This comprehensive portfolio covers distribution and sales facets of the insurance business, along with underwriting and claims management systems.

At C2L BIZ, the focus is on ‘Digital Distribution Transformation’ and creation of a strategic partners ecosystem that focuses on Insurance Distribution. This strategy adds complementary strengths that offer a strong value proposition to insurance companies. “GPSG/CCSA brings to the table an extensive array of consulting capabilities in Distribution Strategy, Performance Management, and Agency training. GPSG/CCSA’s strong connects in global insurance markets will make a significant difference towards the sustainable growth of our insurer clients,” said Vijay Chavan, the Co-Founder and Executive Director at C2L BIZ Solutions.

Renowned for its extensive consulting experience, GPSG/CCSA works with global insurers and financial services across North America, Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe. The GPSG/CCSA team brings innovative, practical competencies for sustainable Distribution Growth and Transformation to the table. These skillsets include strategic planning, implementation, project management, execution, training, and senior leadership performance coaching capabilities.

“As a global consulting firm specializing in the insurance and financial services industry, GPSG/CCSA are excited to announce this strategic partnership with C2L BIZ and its industry leading Insurtech offerings,” said Bill McDermott, Managing Partner and CEO at GPSG, as well as the Managing Partner of CCSA.

“We envision leveraging our respective core competencies and value propositions to meet the ongoing opportunities that the global financial services market offers. This will make a positive difference today and for the future,” said Juan Cuevas, the Managing Partner and CEO of CCSA, as well as the Managing partner of GPSG.

The SymbioSys Suite from C2L BIZ offers extensive digital transformation capabilities for global insurers’ distribution processes. C2L BIZ’s emphasis on business outcome-based business transformation translates to sustainable increases in distributor productivity and operational cost optimization.

For instance, insurers can effortlessly leverage automation to enable distributors with differentiated commission models, innovative contests, and instant payouts. These benefits are augmented by SymbioSys suite’s low code, no code approach. Its highly configurable nature backed by microservices is ideal to address unique business needs.

Joint synergies of C2L BIZ and GPSG/CCSA ensure a single-stop Digital Distribution Transformation destination for insurance markets across the world. This relationship ensures that insurers can access a wide spectrum of strategies, solutions, training, and services that drive sustainable revenue growth.

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Global Performance Solutions Group/Cuevas Company S.A. (GPSG/CCSA) focuses on delivering measurable results by driving distribution growth for the Insurance and Financial Services Industry. The GPSG/CCSA team consists of innovative insurance and financial services consultants with practical experience in growing distribution globally.

GPSG/CCSA’s team of associates have developed industry leading results throughout North America, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. For GPSG/CCSA, the pillars of its brand are experience, innovative ideas, and execution. With the company principals involved at every level, GPSG/CCSA’s leadership team is 100% hands-on, as it stands behind a commitment to exceed its clients’ goals and expectations.

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C2L BIZ Solutions is a leading Insurtech with over a decade’s rich experience in driving Insurance industry innovation. Its state-of-the-art product portfolio focuses on Distribution Management, Digital Sales, Underwriting, and Claims Management.

Driven by a holistic combination of domain expertise and focus on insurers’ business outcomes, C2L BIZ is a leader on the Digital Distribution Transformation front. It has been able to transform the Distribution and Sales operations of over 40 Insurers across 12 countries. These success stories are powered by C2L BIZ’s highly configurable, low code, no code SymbioSys product suite.

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