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SymbioSys Sales Tool

Sequis Life, a leading Indonesian insurer with more than 10,000 sales advisors has selected C2L BIZ’s SymbioSys Sales Tools Digital Face-to-Face (DF2F) to strengthen its insurance advisory sales.

Sequis’ advisors will use DF2F collaborate capabilities to help them engage with customers remotely during the continuing physical distancing.

Sequis Life with total assets over Rp18 trillion, operates its Indonesian business through broad distribution network of multiple channels esp. Captive Agents and Bancassurance. Pak Yeoh- COO Sequis Life, says, “Our agency could continue to sell, thanks to C2L BIZ SymbioSys Sales Tools’ unique e-submission and auto-underwriting capabilities. Although activities are affected by post Covid-19 movement restrictions, our sales could still go on in most part of Indonesia and have scaled an adoption of over 90%.”, while acknowledging the unique value delivered by C2L BIZ’s SymbioSys Sales Tool.

Sequis Life, after a thorough evaluation and comparison of alternative interactive technology options for addressing contact-less advisory sales, has decided for C2L BIZ’s DF2F for their advisors to Collaborate with their customers’ as an option, due to its end to end compelling value proposition. SymbioSys Sales Tool DF2F Collaborate allows the sales process to seamlessly transfer control of e-Application to customer for review and allows customer to review declarations, upload the critical personal documents and complete the payment and e sign process online, on his own device or even a mobile phone. This will uniquely extend the Sequis advisors a new way to interact face-to-face digitally with their customers.

C2L BIZ, a niche Insurtech player focusing on Insurance Mobility, Digital Sales and Distribution Performance and compensation management for insurance industry. SymbioSys Sales Tool from C2L BIZ’s is the industry leading digital mobility solutions/ SaaS service provider for insurance industry. Combined with C2L BIZ’s SymbioSys SaaS Suite, it truly digitally transforms insurers to be ready for highest digital resilience.

“Digital Face- to-Face, DF2F will now be an integral element to every insurers strategy in the emerging advisory sales in physical distancing ecosystem. SymbioSys Sales Tool has consistently set pioneering benchmarks for omnichannel technologies, best of breed configurability and will now do the same for remote interactive collaboration in insurance industry”. said Mangesh Vaitla, Co-Founder and Executive Director, at C2L BIZ.

C2L BIZ is in active discussion with at least 5 more insurers for its DF2F proposition using its SymbioSys Sales Tool. Look forward to this space for more announcements for DF2F Customer Collaboration wins.