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Typical Challenges

Challenges in empowering the channels and partners, seamlessly

Challenges for channel – partner managers to have complete information on team and self-performance

Channels and Partners are not fully equipped for client servicing

Most information on campaigns and contests are provided after the end of the contest and not during the contests/ campaign periods

Inability to use information for up selling and cross selling products

Too much investment spent on getting the portal framework working, yet take long time for business functional needs

To many siloed portals duplicating same functions for different users

Key Business Benefits

Single point information for all sales and self-servicing needs

Manager’s effectiveness is improved due to better understanding of direct sales challenges

Channel well equipped with client policy and household centric information

Timely information for using the same as a motivator of effective sales performance

Proactive upsell and cross sell gaps and insights

Faster go to market, with reasonable upfront investments

Ready and proven integrations and consolidations for industry standard systems

Key Business Drivers

Growth in client self-servicing, reducing calls to call center

Increase in sales objection and seamless sales conversion

Increased Feet on street, due to reduced time for back end processing

Improved campaign- contest effectiveness

Growth in value of client and partner, to the insurer

Key Differentiators

Ready Business Function ready portal design which can be easily customized for each insurer needs

Ready enterprise wide Portal / ODS data layer uniquely designed for Insurance industry

Quick Time to Market for enterprise wide self-service portal

Low cost design, optimizing cost on portal infra, System software, hardware

Ease of maintenance by the insurer, for future use

Industry level design / components brings scalability for future business needs