SymbioSys Inforce Illustration-as-a-Service

SymbioSys Inforce Illustration-as-a-Service enables Insurer to generate illustration for Life, Annuity and Pension products, on policy events to pro-actively inform customer on sustainability of policy. This can be performed on Real time on events like inclusion of Rider or Withdrawal etc. or in batch on other policy events.

Having configured over 500+ Plans and 1000+ Riders, with over 5Mil illustrations, SymbioSys Illustration-as-a-service is proven and supported by flexible, powerful Product configurator.

SymbioSys Inforce Illustration-as-a-Service enhances customer interaction and helps in regulatory compliance adherence thru its capabilities like:

+ Ease of integration with Policy admin platforms thru standard APIs
+ Ability to generate inforce illustration in Real time and batch mode
+ Ability to configure complex Actuarial formulas in the Sales Illustration modeler


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Business Challenges

  • Ease of carrying out Sustainability checks on policy events
  • Ability to engage with customers for providing guidance
  • Timely adherence of regulatory compliance

Service Benefits

  • Significant reduction in time and cost to launch new product
  • Real time availability of data for customer engagement
  • Improve distributor and customer experience

Business Drivers

  • Quick launch of new Products with complex in-force illustration rules
  • Tools to engage with customer for pro-active service

Key Features

  • Flexible Illustration modeler for Investment products
  • Ability to generate illustration in both Real time and Batch mode
  • Out of box API’s for integration with Policy Admin platforms
  • Solvers for effective customer engagement on policy events


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