SymbioSys Contest-as-a-Service-for-distributors

SymbioSys Contest-as-a-Service is a one stop service for Insurance Distributors to launch innovative contests to drive sales, promote products, improve revivals, drive recruitment etc. based on the consolidated data from all Insurers. It uniquely addresses the contest /campaign needs of all types of insurers policy contracts, esp. Life, Annuity, Pensions, P&C, Group Life & Health. It ensures all its advisers are well rewarded and measures contest effectiveness.

SymbioSys Contest-as-a-Service has helped 14 insurers across 9 countries to drive their business with over 400 contests for 5 million+ advisors and 100+ Distribution partners

SymbioSys Contest-as-a-Service is designed for the global insurance distribution needs and is proven with unique capabilities like:

+ Ease of configuring innumerable types of innovative contests / campaigns to drive performance for a specific business goal like promoting product, increase sales, drive recruitment etc., by leveraging its powerful rule engine
+ Ability to launch contest to match criteria of contest launched by Insurer
+ Launch multiple concurrent contests uniquely for different insurers, geographies, products etc.
+ Ability to measure contest performance to improve effectiveness of contest
+ Ability to conduct evaluations on consolidated business from all Insurers with different weightages
+ Re-usability of the rules to design quick variants of the contest / campaign


Enhance the contest effectiveness powered by SymbioSys Contest-as-a-Service capabilities to:

+ Simulate / Conduct test runs in advance to test out the impact of the new contest / campaign before launch
+ Change the on-going contest parameters to maximize the impact of the contest
+ Extend the information in real time to advisors, to create the necessary motivations and competitive zeal for excelling their performance
+ Handshake seamlessly with digital ecosystem with ready real time API interfaces


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Business Challenges

Time & cost to launch new contest
Ability to quickly launch contest on similar parameters as Insurer’s contest
Evaluation on consolidated business from all Insurer’s with different weightages
Periodic information sharing with advisors

Service Benefits

Drive your business goals thru innovative contests
Motivate advisors to drive higher results
Simulate and assess effectiveness before launching contest
Improved time to market and reduced operation cost

Business Drivers

Reduce contest administration cost
Dynamism in launching contest
Measure contest effectiveness

Key Features

Configure contest based on various combinations
Change on-going contest parameters including awards from effective date with versioning
Ability to define waiting period for administrative delays
Dry run to publish intermediate results
Analyse contest effectiveness
Contest simulation


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