SymbioSys Operational Data Store


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Typical Challenges

Absence of single unified enterprise wide data view

Challenge of consolidating the complete transaction information dynamic insurance policies and channel reporting hierarchies

Too many point to point handshakes leading to growing batch window for core processing systems

Absence of single unified data structure for enterprise wide MIS

Absence of high availability information for business when the core system batch processing is in progress

Key Business Benefits

A single business wide enterprise wide source for all downstream systems

Easy to create all types of MIS (Management Information System)

Reduced inconsistencies across department and systems as all refer to a single truth

Can become a single source for future Data warehouse and Analytical needs

Key Business Drivers

Reduced inconsistency between departmental / System level MIS

Can monitor enterprise wide KPI”s and Business parameters better

Can provide single source for all regulatory needs

Can shield the core systems being accessed by multiple front-end systems and optimize their performance

Key Differentiators

Ready Insurance Enterprise design Operational Data Store (ODS)

Ready enterprise wide ODS data structure uniquely designed for Insurance industry

Quick Time to Market for enterprise wide Transactional Data Consolidation

Optimised for low cost adoption and future scalability

Ease of maintenance by insurer itself, once implemented