18 April, 2023: C2L BIZ & Easy2Life have collaborated to leverage their mutual strengths in providing effective, affordable & future-facing solutions for the Brazil Insurance market. Insurers are embarking upon a complete digital transformation journey on the sales process from lead management, and sales illustration to e-application, Field Underwriting and payment. The growing and dynamically evolving distribution models are forcing insurers to upgrade their distribution management systems too. Insurers are also looking at efficient Claims Management to improve customer experience.

C2L BIZ’s SymbioSys Suite is designed on the principle of low code/ no code with a predominant focus on configuration. This enables faster time to market to launch new products, onboard new partners, and launch innovative contests at a reduced total cost of ownership. Additionally, the micro-services-based architecture provides Insurers the flexibility to address a specific business needs, on priority.

With this collaboration, C2L BIZ and Easy2Life hope to bring about long-term sustainable changes in the Brazilian insurance market and help Insurers and insurance distributors scale up with ease and keep up with the times.

About Easy2Life:

Easy2Life is an Insurtech company founded in 2019, focused on enhancing the distribution capabilities of the Brazilian Insurance Market. The company developed Easy2Life PRO, a SaaS application catering to the needs of insurance distributors, working fully digitally and serving the whole country. The company is led by Carlos Alberto Trindade, an insurance industry veteran with over 30 years of experience as a senior executive and an entrepreneur, with a young, though experienced, and creative digital team. Mr. Ronald Kaufmann, a reputed insurance industry veteran and Vanessa Kaufmann are providing advisory services to Easy2Life.  Learn more about Easy2Life at www.easy2life.com.br/

About C2L BIZ:

C2L BIZ Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an Insurtech company, with state-of-the-art products focused on Digital Sales, Distribution Compensation Management, Underwriting, and Claims Management. Combining domain expertise and focus on business outcomes, they have transformed the Sales and Distribution operations of over 40 Insurers across 12 countries, powered by a highly configurable, low code, no code SymbioSys product suite.  With over a decade of driving innovation, Insurance companies trust C2L BIZ to deliver technologically advanced solutions to improve competitiveness, and customer and distributor experience. Learn more about C2L BIZ at www.c2lbiz.com